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John Lennon in London court.

November 28th 1968 Marylebone Magistrates Court

John Lennon pleads guilty to cannabis possession

Following his arrest the previous month for possession of cannabis, John Lennon appeared at Marylebone Magistrates’ Court, London.

Lennon pleaded guilty, taking sole responsibility in order to protect Yoko Ono whom had recently suffered a miscarriage. He was additionally fearful that if they both fought the charges and lost, Ono may have been deported from the United Kingdom.

During the hearing Lennon’s solicitor, Martin Polden, told the court that Ono had recently lost their baby, which had been a terrible blow to the couple.

The magistrate quashed the charge of obstruction to justice, and fined Lennon £150 plus court costs of 20 guineas. Lennon was also warned that if he was found guilty again of a similar offence he risked a custodial sentence.