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Abbey Road Studios

On this day 1966 filming Paperback Writer and Rain Promos at EMI Studios, Abbey Road, London

Abbey Road Studios filing Paperback Writer and Rain

On Thursday 19 May 1966, The Beatles filmed promotional clips of Paperback Writer and Rain. The filming took place in Studios One and Three at EMI, Abbey Road. Michael Lindsay-Hogg, directed them. He was well known from his Ready Steady Go days. He would later go on to direct Hey Jude, Revolution and Let it Be. This was day one of a two day shoot which produced a total of four promos for Paperback Writer and three for Rain.

One of the promo films for “Rain” and the other for “Paperback Writer” were shot in colour for the American market. The Beatles recorded the special colour one for the Ed Sullivan Show which was transmitted later for the American audience on June 05, 1966

The first black & white version of Paperback Writer was broadcast on June 25 1966 in ‘Goodbye Lucky Stars’. This was the final edition of the popular TV programme ‘Thank Your Lucky Stars’. On Friday June 3rd, ‘Paperback Writer and ‘Rain’ were first broadcast on Ready Steady Go. This was the first time that material was screened, that hadn’t been filmed in its own studio.

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