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Beatles Tours London walking tour

OTD in this day in 1969, Paul McCartney married Linda Eastman. The wedding took place at Marylebone Registry Office. In the picture we can see Mike McGear and Mal Evans. None of the other three Beatles attended the ceremony.
Though planned as a secret ceremony, the steps of the registry were crowded with hundreds of fans and reporters. The wedding was delayed an hour. McCartney’s brother Mike McGear, the best man, was late arriving when his train traveling from Birmingham to London broke down. McGear and Beatles’ assistant Mal Evans were witnesses.
The couple first met in May 1967. Linda Eastman, a New York photographer, was in London on assignment. She passed his table at the Bag O’Nails club one night. The rest as they say is history. Why not visit fab locations with Beatles Tours London. Visit and book your tour.
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